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Play Youtube video in background on Apple iOS 8

Learn how to play Youtube (music) videos in the background on your Apple iOS 8 machine

Use two sound outputs in Vista at the same time

If you want to listen to music on two different sound systems in Vista at the same time, read this!

Equations not displaying when printing/saving in Word 2007

If Word 2007 equations do not display when printing, try this solution.

Livebox Rebooting System

Download the script for free from here. This script will reboot the Livebox if a ping is unsuccessful, is freeware, and may be used by anyone. However, I would appreciate it if you leave my information intact if you publish edited versions. The way this works is quite simple. A ping is sent to www.google.com. If there is …

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VLC Media player no sound (solution)

Update 30-12-2014: added some alternative solutions in case the primary one does not work Solution 1 In case your VLC Media player suddenly has no more sound, and you are running Vista or Windows 7, why don’t you check your audio mixer? You may have set it to mute at some point, and forgotten all …

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