Remove lines from file if keyword is found

Need to filter lines from a file based on keywords in another file? Find out how to do this very quickly using DOS command line only!

Solution: Windows 7 Resume loader USB Keyboard

How to enable your USB keyboard after POST but before Windows starts

PHP: Use from Windows command line

In today’s post I will show you how you can use the PHP scripting language on a Windows machine without requiring any installation. There are a number of advantages to this. As a first bonus, you can use existing skills you have to do certain tasks on your windows machine. Additionally, because no installation of …

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Excel: Check if a row contains a newline

To find out if a cell contains the newline character in Excel, use this tip.

Excel: Finding the second (or Nth) largest number

To find out the second (or Nth) largest number in a column in Excel, just use the LARGE() function.

Javascript: Show/Hide table rows and colspan

In order to show and hide table rows using Javascript, you need to use the CSS style “table-row” instead of “block” for Chrome and Firefox.

MySQL: Getting records near a date

I recently had to write a query in PHP that returned a ranking per a specified date and time. The rankings get saved every hour, but not precisely on the hour. The user does not know when the rankings were saved precisely but wants to know what the ranking was per “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm” or as …

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PHP: Switch structure to check variable

Suppose you want to use PHP check the variable $var and see if it smaller than, equal to or larger than zero. There are two ways to go about this: switch($var) { case 0: echo “Equal to zero”; break; case ($var0): echo “Larger than zero!”; break; } The issue with this code is that if …

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Use two sound outputs in Vista at the same time

If you want to listen to music on two different sound systems in Vista at the same time, read this!

Equations not displaying when printing/saving in Word 2007

If Word 2007 equations do not display when printing, try this solution.

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