Play Youtube video in background on Apple iOS 8

One of the most annoying things with the Youtube app is that you cannot simply start a song, put the app in the background and have the music play on. Go on, try it if you didn’t notice yet:

  1. Open the Youtube app
  2. Start a video
  3. Click the Home button

The music now stops playing! :(

What I read the other day is a really great workaround for this though:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Navigate to http://m.youtube.com
  3. Load a video
  4. Click the Home button
  5. Open the Control center (swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen)
  6. Press Play
  7. Voila!

The music plays again and you’re good to go.

The tip I originally read about this indicated that Safari would also do the trick, but for me that would just open up the Youtube app, leaving me with the same problem as using the Youtube app directly.

That’s it. Hope it helps you out!

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