RTL XL – Defeat AdBlock message

Recently I found that RTL XL will only play in black and white in case you have Adblock or Adblock Plus running. The message in Dutch is “adblocker gedetecteerd, schakel je adblocker nu uit”.

This is a pretty nifty way of getting people to turn off the Adblocker, but luckily the internet provides us with some tips on getting this annoying ‘feature’ out of the way (all credits go to Remy Holleman who posted about it here).


  1. Ensure you run only Adblock or Adblock Plus. If you have multiple adblockers, ensure you take the same steps in all extensions
  2. Go to Adblock (In Chrome: the little double arrow to the right next to your URL bar > Adblock)
  3. Click on options > Personalise (/Personaliseren)
  4. Edit “Disabled filters”
  5. Add these lines

  6. Click save
  7. Restart all your Chrome windows
  8. Enjoy your commercial free and full color experience on RTL XL!

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