Word: Adding a sequence number into your document

Recently I was working on a document containing a number of requirements. All these requirements would have to be numbered so that when the final product was delivered they could be referenced as being fulfilled individually. However, while creating the document maintaining the numbers scattered across the entire document can prove to be somewhat of a nightmare. Fortunately Word provides a very easy solution for this: use a sequence field.

  • To include a sequence field, insert your cursor where you want the number to occur.
  • Click on CTRL+F9 (This creates a field like this: {SEQ sequence_name})
  • Right-mouse click on the field and click on ‘update field’
  • After that, select the ‘toggle field’ option (This will show the number as ‘1’)

What I do personally is just copy this specific field to wherever I want and after that I select CTRL+A –> F9 to update all the fields. This way, no matter how scattered your list is, it is easy to maintain.

Many thanks go to the folks over at mvps.org for this tip!

If you have better ways to accomplish this task (for instance, making a cross-reference is not possible this way), please let me know, I’m always looking to improve!

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