Download videos from Youtube and Vimeo using just Google Chrome

We’ve all got that one video that we would really like to get from Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo, but these sites try to make saving videos to your local hard drive as difficult as possible.

Luckily, we can still get the videos with relative ease by following these steps:

Use Google Chrome for the following

Go to any site (for instance www.google.com) and right-click somewhere within the site.

You will see one item called “Inspect element”

Click on this inspect element button. You will get a new window below your regular browser window showing a number of items that are related to the “browser experience under the hood”.

Select the option “Network” and then sort the items on Size with the largest at the top.

Now go to the video site where your video is and click on the video to start it playing. Select the quality of the video you want to download.

There will be one really large resource showing (in this case it is 8.85 mb versus a few kilobytes for all the other resources).

Right-click on that resource and select “Open link in new tab”.

After a few seconds the video will start playing in this new tab. You can now press CTRL+S to save the page or click on the wrench tool at the right hand side of your screen and select Save Page As.

Video playing in second tab after select the “open link in new tab” button.

On the right hand side you see the “save page as” option.

The video will be called “videoplayback” by default in the case of Youtube. It may be called something different for other sites.

To save, you have to rename the file. My advice is to try and rename to .mp4 first, if that does not work, try .flv, if that does not work try .avi. If all else fails go for .mov.

Press save and let the video download to your local hard drive. After downloading is complete you can play the video using your favorite player (or if that one does not work try VLC Media player, which will play pretty much anything short of baking soda).

After the video has downloaded, you can enjoy it on your local hard drive!

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