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Play Youtube video in background on Apple iOS 8

Learn how to play Youtube (music) videos in the background on your Apple iOS 8 machine

RTL XL – Defeat AdBlock message

Quick and easy fix to the “adblocker detected” message on RTL XL and avoid having the video play in black and white only.

Word: Adding a sequence number into your document

Find out how to add a numbered item all across your document and update it automatically.

Excel: select subset of string based on delimiter

Explanation on how to pull apart strings in a certain cell using Excel built-in functions only.

Download videos from Youtube and Vimeo using just Google Chrome

Find out how to download almost any streaming video from the web using just your own Google Chrome browser!

Turn off typing sound in Android

Something silly that had me baffled for a while was that in Android, even though I had the sound turned off, typing would still generate sound. The reason for this is because the keyboard sound doesn’t take it’s cue from the touch screen setting, but from the input setting itself. To turn it off, go …

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Remove lines from file if keyword is found

Need to filter lines from a file based on keywords in another file? Find out how to do this very quickly using DOS command line only!

Solution: Windows 7 Resume loader USB Keyboard

How to enable your USB keyboard after POST but before Windows starts

Excel: Check if a row contains a newline

To find out if a cell contains the newline character in Excel, use this tip.

Excel: Finding the second (or Nth) largest number

To find out the second (or Nth) largest number in a column in Excel, just use the LARGE() function.

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